Boundary Synthesizer II
Boundary Synthesizer II is an interactive audiovisual system that translates familiar moving images such as cityscapes and fireworks into impressive sound. A horizontal “boundary” line is extracted from the outline in each video frame and directly transformed into a sound waveform. Users can interact with Boundary Synthesizer by changing the video contents, controlling the frequency and manipulating the image data using image effects such as wave, mirror and mosaic.
The 360° Skyline Song Project
The 360° Skyline Song Project is an audio-visual installation work that makes sound waves from the visual “boundary” between surrounding scenery and sky. The visual data, made by recording the surrounding scenery with a video camera rotating an angle of 360 degrees, are transformed into sound waves in real time by analyzing each camera frame. Both audio and visual data achieve the intuitive recognition of the transition of the boundary in sceneries.